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2003 MSPA Individual Writing and Editing Contest Winners for Online
Silver Chips Online won all 14 online awards given by the MSPA in 2003.

Web Feature Writing - 1st: Han Hu, "Blazers learn power of ballot"
2nd: Kevin Fang, "The other side of Blair's war protest"

Web Front Page Design - 1st: Jeanne Yang, "Silver Chips Online April 24th Front Page"

Web Inside Page Design - 1st:Kevin Chang, "Iraq coverage"
2nd: KC Costanzo, "Tracking the Sniper in Montgomery County: Interactive Map"

Web News Writing - 1st: Han Hu, "Blair faces possible shortage of over 300 lockers"
2nd: Branden Buehler, "Teachers debate war on Iraq"
3rd: Keving Chang and Jeremy Hoffman, "Schools open late after new shooting"

Web Review/Opinion - 1st: Abigail Graber, "The Pianist's haunting melody"
2nd: Easha Anand, "Soporific Solaris"
3rd: Abigail Graber, "The Italian Job: For summer fluff, it's good enough"

Online Sports Writing - 1st: Luke Bostian, "Blazers shoot Colonels down"
2nd: Zach Mellman, "What's in a name?"
3rd: Zach Mellman, "The war's effect on sports"

Print Awards

2003 Maryland Scholastic Press Association Individual Writing and Editing Results
Silver Chips Print won 50 out of the 127 awards given by the MSPA in 2003.

Blake High School took second place with 21 out of the 127 awards given by the MSPA.

Silver Chips Print won 12 out of the 18 first place awards given by the MSPA in 2003.

Newspaper-Double-Page Layout - 1st: Sally Caldwell and Tina Peng, "Sniper Centerspread"
Honorable Mention: Sally Caldwell and Tina Peng, "Renovation spring into action"

Newspaper-Editorial Cartoon - 3rd: Eric Shansby, "My Spot"

Newspaper-Editorial Opinion - 1st: Stephen Wertheim, "MCPS should lose the spin and face the facts"
2nd: L.A. Holmes, "Parents have to follow the rules, too"
3rd: Rachel Yood, "Cleaner buses mean breathable air"
Honorable Mention: Lily Hamburger", "News is fit to teach"
Jessica Stamler, "All students deserve a DREAM"
Elena Chung, "MCPS should stop overusing Blair"
Edward Chan, "Scholarships unfair"

Newspaper-Features - 1st: L.A. Holmes, "Blazers couple outside color lines"
2nd: Beth Gula, "Thumbelina goes out for a spin"
3rd: Jennifer Breads, "The downside of lighting up"
Honorable Mention: Abigail Graber, "High heels bring teenagers down"

Newspaper-Illustration: Hand or Computer-generated - 1st: Eric Shansby, "Sweet Dreams"

Newspaper-In-depth Story - 2nd: Simona Danilovska, "Sugar, spice and not playing nice"
3rd: Tina Peng, "Renovations spring into action"
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Breads, "Blazers live in fear"
Jessica Stamler, "Bush's reforms to impact Blair"
David Muehlenkamp, "Racial Profiling Surfaces"
Anna Benfield, "Climb every mountain"
Easha Anand, "For some, childhood cut short"
Abigail Graber, "Age ain't nothing but a number?"

Newspaper-Informational Graphic - 1st: Kevin Chang, "Math final exam failures widespread"
KC Costanzo, "Fight Culture"
Branden Buehler, "Keeping watch over seniors"

Newspaper-News - 1st: Stephen Wertheim, "Gang crackdown"
2nd: Stephen Wertheim, "BOE expenses questioned"
3rd: Kristen Hoven, "Sniper was in Blair's backyard"

Newspaper-Photography - 1st: Rachel Fus
Honorable Mention: Emily Hauck

Newspaper-Profiles - 1st: Anna Benfield, "Rwandan genocide through a child's eyes"
2nd: Easha Anand, "Gainous still rules the school"
3rd: Easha Anand, "Revealing royalty: the tale of Blair's princess"

Newspaper-Signed Editorial Column - 1st: Amina Baird, "Downtown goes on the down-turn"
2nd: Edward Chan, "Should juveniles be tried as adults? YES (Pro/Con)"
Honorable Mention:Jessica Stamler, "Israeli conflict tests ties that bind"
Kristen Hoven, "Should freak dancing be permitted?/YES: freaking does no harm"

Newspaper-Single (Inside) Page Layout - 1st: Amy Ernst, "My Friend, Tom Ridge"
Honorable Mention: Kent Anderson, "Softball claims 4A East Title"

Newspaper-Review - 1st: Josh Scannell, "Finding top of underground hip-hop"
Honorable Mention: Abigail Graber, "Chaos and Jeers for Blair books"

Newspaper-Sports: Game Coverage - 2nd: Kent Anderson, "Blazers burn Bulldogs: playoffs next"
3rd: Luke Bostian, "Softball claims 4A East Title"

Newspaper-Sprots: News or Feature - 3rd: Jamie Kovach, "No boys allowed: field hockey tryouts welcome ladies only"

Newspaper-Sprots: Opinion Column - 1st: Chris Biggs, "Gotta holla if you wanna be a baller"
2nd: Kent Anderson, "Conference should fear the turtle in 2003"

Children's National Medical Center's 16th Annual Student Journalists' Health Writing Contest
1st: Han Hu, "Air Quality Question"
L.A. Holmes, "Fibrocystic Breast Lumps Concern Lady Blazers"
2nd: Jennifer Breads, "The Downside of Lighting Up"
3rd: Simona Danilovska, "Sugar, Spice and Not Playing Nice"
Amina Bair, "Distressed and Depressed by Anxiety"
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Breads, "Teens Rattled About Coming Battle" and "Blazers Lived in Fear"
Audrey Tornblom, "Artificial Insemination Yields Real Family"
Sreela Namboodiri, "New Fat Food Policy"
Abigail Graber, "Backs Catch Flak from Heavy Packs" and "High Heals bring Teenagers Down"

2003 National Scholastic Press Association Award Winners
Editorial Writing - 1st: Stephen Wertheim
Sports Photography - 2nd: Andrew Kenney

Gold Key Awards
Editor-in-chief Stephen Wertheim won three Gold Key awards - including one for portfolio of writing - in the Region at Large competition of the 2003 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

American Society of Newspaper Editors/Quill and Scroll 2003 International Writing, Photo Contest national winners
News Story: Stephen Wertheim, "BOE expenses questioned," Kristen Hoven, "Sniper was in Blair's backyard"
Feature Story: Anna Benfield, "Rwandan Genocide Through..."
Editorial: Rachel Yood, "GT program excludes"
Editorial Cartoon: Eric Shansby, "Abstinence Education"

2003 Scholastic Gold Circles Awards from Columbia Scholastic Press Association
News Features - 2nd: Kang - Xin Jin, "A Decade Later, Gangs Resurface."

Art/Illustration Portfolio of Work - 1st: Eric Shansby.
Editorial Cartoon - 1st: Eric Shansby, "The Silence of the Dissenters," 3rd: Eric Shansby, "Pledge."
Sports Cartoon - 1st: Eric Shansby, "Sports Superstitions."
Comic Cartoon - 1st: Eric Shansby, "Winter Break."
Cartoon Portfolio - 2nd: Eric Shansby.

Feature Page Design - 3rd: Iris Flores, "Keepin' Up With the Kicks."