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Winner of the 2005 National Scholastic Press Association Online Pacemaker Award.

2005 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Gold Key: June Hu, feature, "Clouds with Crystal Lining"

2005 Maryland Scholastic Press Association Award Winners"

Feature Writing
1st Place: Jody Pollock, Breaking and entering: the new way to party
2nd Place: June Hu, Blair's a-blaring
3rd Place: Amanda Lee, Parents look the other way on underage drinking

Front-page Design
Honorable Mention: Eric Hysen, Daniel Aisen and Jeff Dunn,Silver Chips Online Alternate Front Page
Honorable Mention: Daniel Aisen and Jeff Dunn, Silver Chips Online Front Page

Inside-page Design
Honorable Mention: Eric Hysen, Chips Online Fantasy Baseball
Honorable Mention: Eric Hysen, Picure Galleries Page

News Writing
1st Place: Varun Gulati, Series of thefts occur at Blair
2nd Place: Varun Gulati, Athletic teams' water remains untested for lead
3rd Place: Michael Bushnell, Blair's impact on Maryland's new teen driving laws

1st Place: Jody Pollock, Where Brad Pitt meets George W. Bush
2nd Place: John Silberholz, Health room policies tax nurses and pose risks to students
Honorable Mention: Jeremy Goodman, Donkeys need a makeover
Honorable Mention: Jeremy Goodman, Nu Metal may be dangerous to your health
Honorable Mention: Alex Gold, Terri Schiavo is not a legislative issue
Honorable Mention: Alex Mazerov, Presidential Medals of what?!?
Honorable Mention: Jonah Gold, Congressional hearings shed little light on MLB steriod scandal
Honorable Mention: Michael Bushnell, A Nation conquers the world
Honorable Mention: Jeremy Goodman, All-star jazz group shines
Honorable Mention: Armin Rosen, MCPS Budget blues: an opinion
Honorable Mention: Emma Zachurski, Compelling chronicles of Bob Dylan
Honorable Mention: Nora Boedecker, Million Dollar Baby packs a punch
Honorable Mention: Michael Bushnell, Temple should fire John Chaney
Honorable Mention: Kate Selby, Alfie: fall in love with Law

Sports Writing
1st Place: John Silberholz, Of birdies and wickets
2nd place: Ellie Blalock, Blazers, Colonels leave game locked in dead heat
3rd Place: Alex Mazerov, Baseball and Washington: a winning combination '

Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Licthen, Turning around, Survivor Montgomery Blair

Cover Design
3rd Place: Arianna Herman/ Melanie Thompson, Survivor Cover, Survivor Montgomery Blair

Print Awards

Winner of the 2005 National Scholastic Press Association Best of Show Award for the Nov 2005 Print Edition
Winner of the 2005 Maryland Scholastic Press Association Marylander Award
Towson University High School Journalism Awards

Silver Chips was awarded first place in the Best Newspaper Overall category.

3rd: Samir Paul, Best News Story
2nd: Nathaniel Lichten, Best News Photo
1st: Olivia Bevacqua, Best Feature Story
1st: Hannah Rosen, Best Photo Photo
1st: Lauren Finkel, Best Sports News Story
1st: Kristina Yang, Best Sports Feature Story

MSPA 2005 Individual Writing and Editing Contest

Silver Chips and Silver Chips Online writers swept this contest, winning over one third of the awards in the Newspaper category and all but one of the awards in the Online category. For more information, please see the MSPA website.

2005 Quill and Scroll International Writing and Photo Contest

Sweepstakes Winners
Quill and Scroll Sweepstakes winners represent the best in high-school journalism for any given category.

Kristina Yang, Sports Story, "Athletes sobered by dose of reality"
Jody Pollock, In-Depth Individual, "Politics get personal"

National Winners
National Winners represent approximately the top 20 stories in high-school journalism for any given category.

Sherri Geng, Feature Story, "Continuing with life after death"
Julyssa Lopez, In-Depth Individual, "Stabbing victim attempts to make a turnaround"
Samir Paul, News Story, "Gang activities raise concerns"
John Silberholz, Editorial, "ICB overtaxes Blair's resources"

2005 Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Circle Awards
1st: John Visclosky, Entertainment, "Reel-Life Islam Lacks Realistic Touch"
2nd: Melanie Thompson, Feature, "The Straight Truth About Students with Gay Parents"
2nd: Sheila Rajapogal, Opinion, "Self-Segregation Divides School Along Racial Lines"

2005 Maryland Scholastic Press Association

1st: Rebecca Sugar, The Strip
3rd: Lena Moreno, Fish n' chips

Editorial Opinion
1st: Ashley Jurmba, "When a failing grade can cut it"
2nd: Sheila Rajagopal, "Lead: Still an Issue"
Honorable Mention: Sherri Geng, "Here we go again"
Honorable Mention: Betsy Costillo, "Food for thought MCPS"

1st: Jody Pollock, "Dealing with a dangerous job"
3rd: Kate Selby, "Dive into dumpsters"
Honorable Mention: Brittany Moyer, "Welcome to Sardine City"
Honorable Mention: Ravi Umarji, "Text-a-friend: the high-tech approach to cheating"
Honorable Mention: Olivia Bevacqua, "Asian Tsunami leaves Blazers anxious"

In-depth Story
1st: Pria Anand, "Staying True to Ideologoy and Identity"
2nd: Julyssa Lopez, "Blazers opting out of parenthood"
3rd (tie): Camille Mackler, "Cuting away the pain"
3rd (tie): Sally Lanar, "Finding love on the World Wide Web"
Honorable Mention: Eric Glover, "Siittng at the Shepherd's Table"
Honorable Mention: Eric Glover, "Generation 'n': outside races and the N-word"
Honorable Mention: Olivia Bevacqua, "Shrinking waistlines, expanding risks"
Honorable Mention: Olivia Bevacqua, "El Salvador; living within the walls of poverty"
Honorable Mention: Karima Tawfite, "Cyber-bullying: turning to high-tech harassment"
Honorable Mention: Karima Tawfite, "Dinning out iwth Blair's Mc Addicts"
Honorable Mention: Katy Lafen, "Student education lost in translation"
Honorable Mention: Jody Pollock, "Teenagers fight fires and save lives"

Informational Graphic
1st: Camille Mackler, "Sleep Stats"
2nd: Sheila Rajagopal, "Drug dealers"
3rd: Camille Mackler, "Slots"
Honorable Mention: Sheila Rajagopal, "Exposing the Irritating side of iPods"

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Zhang, "Night School starts earlier"
Honorable Mention: Ravi Umarji, "Drive to Survive held at Blair"

Double-page Layout
3rd: Kate Selby, Julia Penn, Arianna Herman and Sheila Rajagopal, "Health Chips Presents: under the influence; an in-depth look at harmful habits"

Front-page Layout
1st: Chelsea Zhang

Opinion/editorial-page layout
1st: Stephanie Nguyen and John Silberholtz, "Should Maryland legalize slot machines?"

1st: Hannah Rosen, "Bring it on"
2nd: Adam Schuyler, "A different kind of boy"
Honorable Mention: Nat Lichten, "Inauguration 2005"
Honorable Mention: Hannah Thresher, "Staying true to ideology and identiy"
Honorable Mention: Adam Schuyler, "Wooton serves Blair a loss"

1st: Olivia Bevacqua, "A different kind of boy"
2nd: Brittany Moyer, "The tougher road feels right"
Honorable Mention: Julyssa Lopez, "Stabbing victim attempts to make a turnaround"
Honorable Mention: Monica Huang, "Reflecting on years in the "Red" Zone"
Honorable Mention: Amanda Lee, "Former secret agent blows her cover"

Single (inside) page Layout
Honorable Mention: Kate Selby, Julia Penn, Sheila Rajagopal and Arianna Herman, "The secret lives of teachers"
Children's National Medical Center Journalism Contest

1st: Olivia Bevacqua, "A different kind of boy"
3rd: Sara Pierce, "Playing through the pain"
Honourable Mention: Pria Anand, "Staying true to ideology and identity"
Honourable Mention: Katherine Duncan, "Drowning fear with beer"