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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 10:17 pm
Courtesy of Jason Burke

The MLB is striking out with young viewers

It's been said a thousand times: baseball is America's pastime. There is nothing like a warm summer day at the ballpark with a hot dog in one hand and a baseball mitt in the other. But as the realm of sports continues to grow, baseball has unfortunately taken a backseat.
Tom Cruise returns for yet another spectacular Mission: Impossible film. Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" climbs to towering new heights

Packed with riveting stunts, unexpected double crosses and endless tension, the Mission: Impossible series' sixth installment, Fallout, proves to be just as explosive as it was 22 years ago.
​A Venmo user sends money to a friend. Courtesy of PayPal

Go with the (cash) flow

Since the invention of mobile payment systems in 2000, more people are using phones for money transactions. This latest wave of "going mobile" is being spearheaded by millenials who are quick to adjust to the newest forms of technological innovation.
Blair's wrestling team went to Lock Haven University's wrestling camp to prepare for their next season. Courtesy of Blair Wrestling

Blair's wrestling team competed at Lock Haven University

Twenty five of Blair's junior varsity (JV) and varsity wrestlers left on June 27th to depart for Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania to go to wrestling camp for four days.
Little baby Jack-Jack is uncontrollably powerful. Courtesy of IMDb

"Incredibles (makes a heroic return) 2" theatres

The Incredibles are back, and they are exactly what we've been waiting for! With the family of heroes back together, the film is a great family movie for all ages that brings back long-lost memories for all viewers.

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For Muslims, "punish a Muslim day" is basically every day

One anonymous, hateful letter rattled United Kingdom communities on Apr. 3. The letter came in a plain white envelope and was sent to six different U.K. communities. Inside was a message that brought chaos and hysteria to the entire country.

Don't be rash when approving medications

Only a fool would extend school

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Blair mourns the loss of junior Kevin Wilson

On Monday, authorities found junior Kevin Wilson suffering from multiple wounds behind Belford Towers Apartments in Takoma Park. The police transported Wilson to the hospital where he died a few hours later.

Police arrest students involved in protest at Paul Ryan's office

U.S. strikes Syria

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God's Favorite Customer is Father John Misty's coming of age

On June 1, indie rock and folk singer Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) released his fourth studio album God's Favorite Customer. In it, he dives into themes of religion and atheism, as well as ecstasy and depression, which he weaves seamlessly into an evocative album sure to impress.

The new American Idol brings a new set of disappointing judges

A quiet place, a loud theater

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Recap of Blair's spring sports playoffs

Unlike last year, this spring season brought mostly lackluster playoffs to center stage. The season certainly didn't end the way any Blazer athlete would have liked. Baseball and boys' and girls' lacrosse did not make it as far as they did last season, while softball was the only team that made it to exactly where they were last year but faltered once again, yielding zero state championships this season. Let's now take a look at how each team fared in its respective bracket.

Blair Sports Go Roaring Into the Playoffs

NHL Playoff Preview

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