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Sunday, May 1, 2016 11:27 am
A planbook design from a previous year. Courtesy of Jacqueline Armstead-Thomas

Blair holds design contest for Blazers

Biology teacher Leslie Blaha and Digital Arts teacher Jacqueline Armstead-Thomas organized an ongoing planbook design contest for Blazers.
There was a significant increase in the amount of rapes, homicides and aggravated assaults throughout 2015. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Montgomery County Police Department releases annual crime report

Earlier this month, the Montgomery County Police Department released its annual crime report which showed a slight increase in crime and significant increases in the amount of rapes, homicides and aggravated assaults throughout 2015.
Quarterback Carson Wentz will be an early first round pick. Courtesy of

SCO NFL Mock Draft

The NFL season is well and truly over, putting the SCO fantasy football articles on hold until next year. But it's never too early to prepare for the future, so without further ado, here is the Silver Chips Online 2016 NFL Mock Draft.
Lengthy voting lines hurt our democracy. Courtesy of Huffington Post

When patience isn't enough

Long lines are more than a pet peeve to American voters; a functioning democracy is at stake. Not only are long lines the issue, but so are the demographics of people who typically fall victim to them: low-income, black and Latino voters.
Chris Van Hollen is in a tight race with Congresswoman Donna Edwards. Courtesy of SF Gate

Primary Predictions: Maryland, April 26

This race has been nearly unpredictable from the start, but SCOís team of experts, featuring seniors Max Foley-Keene and Neida Mbuia-Joao and juniors Eleanor Cook and Charlie Lott are here to break down the races and predict the unpredictable.

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Picking a bone with David Trone

Campaigning extensively and aggressively over the past few months, 60-year old multimillionaire David Trone has entered the race to become the Democratic nominee for Marylandís eighth Congressional District.

A SCO guide to locker use at Blair

The case for graduation

News »

Blazers start clothing business

Blair seniors Max Burke and Lytton Xu created their own brand and company,Crown Clothing Co. So far, two short sleeve shirts are available on their website in white and black.

Maryland legislature passes SMOB voting rights bill

BNC expands to two periods for next school year

Entertainment »

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of the Justice League

Cluttered with extraneous characters and dragging on for far longer than it needs to, Batman v. Superman is disjointed at best.

Dr. Dog joined by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for an exciting show

Simple set yet profound messages in "Good Kids"

Sports »

Blazers suffer ninth inning loss

Blair varsity baseball (6-5) lost to the Walter Johnson Wildcats (10-2) in a close game by a score of 4-2. After allowing two runs in the top of the ninth inning, the Blazers were unable to bounce back.

Blair softball shuts down Walter Johnson Wildcats

Colonels triumph over Blazers


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