Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: Spanish Honor Society

Time: Second Tuesday of every month,
Place: Room 166
Sponsor: Sabrina Keenan, Dora Gonzalez
President: Brian Chang
The Spanish Honor Society seeks to promote Spanish language and culture through Spanish-related activities. Their endeavors vary from teaching children Spanish to taking a trip to Peru, according to Spanish teacher co-sponsor Sabrina Keenan. Although the Blair chapter of this national student organization was only established last year, the society is active and plans to organize many activities in the upcoming school year.

The society meets once a month, but members tutor during their lunch periods and provide aid in ESOL academic support. The Spanish Honor Society also plans to send students to give elementary Spanish lessons to children at the Four Corners Community Nursery, says Keenan.

The society also wants to generate and spread interest in the Spanish language. "We're planning a promotional video to distribute to middle schools," says club president Brian Chang. The video will encourage Spanish and non-Spanish speakers to partake and continue to take Spanish classes.

While members of the society contribute to the community by teaching others about Spanish, they themselves learn by experiencing Spanish culture. In October, members attended the play "Blind Date" (or "Cita a Ciegas" in Spanish) at the Gala theater in Washington, D.C. with students in Blair Spanish classes and plan to take a trip to Peru this summer.

One of the society's goals is to share culture, according to Chang. "We try to have a cultural component every meeting," says Keenan. Once a month, members give presentations on various Spanish-speaking countries, which feature native food and a general overview of the country and its culture.

Students interested in joining the Spanish Honor Society should submit applications in the spring to Dora Gonzalez.

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