Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:11 pm

Clubs: Jewish Culture Club

Time: Every other Thursday, 3:15
Place: Room 216 (subject to change)
Sponsor: Franklin Cohen, Mark Grossman
President: Caleb Seevey, Alex Federman, Hannah Simon
The Jewish Culture Club (JCC) is a great opportunity to learn more about Jewish culture, holiday celebrations and cuisine. The club combines ideas and practices from Jewish traditions and combines and applies them to the Blair community. Students do not have to be Jewish to join the club; members are excited to accept all interested students.

The main activity of the club involves hosting Jewish holiday parties during 5A and 5B lunches at least once a month. Students eat delicious Jewish cuisine and learn about the traditions of specific holidays. "We want people to learn why they don't have to come to school on a Jewish holiday," vice president Maria Gusman says. "There's a lot more behind it other than sleeping in!"

The JCC collaborates with different clubs throughout Blair to expand students' knowledge on Judaism through certain activities, like watching documentaries on Jewish culture. The JCC also hosts widespread activities like a winter dance every year with Jewish clubs from a variety of schools across the county.

"We always want more members to contribute more fun and adventurous ideas for the club," president Hannah Simon says. "I highly encourage everyone to come and join the fun and food of the Jewish Culture Club!"

If interested in joining the Jewish Culture Club, please contact Franklin Cohen in Room 238 or Mark Grossman in Room 216.

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