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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:13 pm

Clubs: Intramural Floor Hockey

Time: Flexible schedule during the w
Place: Blair's main gym
Sponsor: Robert Gibb
President: None
Intramural Floor Hockey (IFH) is the most active intramural sport at Blair. The club's main purpose is to give students an opportunity to enjoy the sport of floor hockey while maintaining competitiveness. Though initiated by physical education resource teacher Cynthia Changuris, social studies teacher Robert Gibb now sponsors IFH.

Since IFH coincides with the winter basketball season, the schedule must be flexible as IFH can only play when the basketball team has an away game and leaves the basketball courts unoccupied. Sometimes there is a pre-season for IFH, though Gibb prefers to "just let them go." The number of games each team plays depends on the number of teams. Last year, each team played ten games and participated in the playoffs.

For the most part, teams are left to their own devices. However, because IFH is a school-sponsored sport, players must be eligible in terms of academic performance. The captains choose their own teams of up to 14, and at least two girls from each team must be on the court.

While IFH has remained active since its start, student participation has varied. "It waxes and wanes," Gibb says. Only six teams participated last year, though up to 20 teams have competed in some years. Despite the fluctuation, the league remains competitive. The teams are co-ed and usually class-oriented.

Most of the teams are upperclassmen, but IFL "want[s] younger teams, to get the league going," Gibb says. This year, the league also wants to start a teacher team to increase competition. IFH's one goal is to play floor hockey. "All we do is play games," Gibb says. He welcomes new players and emphasizes that experience is not need.

"If you're not doing anything after school during the winter, it's a great extracurricular activity," Gibb says.

If interested in joining Intramural Floor Hockey, please contact Robert Gibb.

Club beat by Ya Zhou