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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: Students for Global Responsibility

Time: Thursday; meetings at 2:15 and
Place: Room 123
Sponsor: Geroge Vlasits and Kevin Moose
President: Ben Simon, David Fegley, David Meyer
In a big world with big problems, individuals often do not know how to make a difference. But in a group, things change. That's what Students for Global Responsibility (SGR) is a group working to change the world.

"We organize events to raise awareness about political and social injustice issues," says co-president David Fegley, a junior. Indeed, SGR has shown no fear or discretion in their choosing of some of the world's most tragic crises, from genocides to immigration issues.

To tackle these problems, SGR uses several different methods. One such tool is a "teach-in," where an expert speaker on an issue gives a lecture to an audience SGR assembles. Last year the teach-in featured illegal immigration, and the year before a senior investigator from the Physicians for Human Rights spoke about the Sudanese genocide. SGR also organizes drives, such as last year's homeless shelter peanut butter drive.

Another method, organized "call-ins," invites non-members of the club to participate by calling various state senators and reading a brief message to them. A call-in about the Darfur genocide is scheduled for Oct. 29 this year.

SGR also goes another route to raise awareness: the "SGR Spectacular." The Spectacular hosts clubs and local garage bands while focusing on a single cause, such as genocide in Darfur. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. Even local businesses get involved by donating food and drinks, which SGR sells for more charity money. This year's Spectacular will be held in mid-December.

Students for Global Responsibility reminds us that no matter how far removed we are from the injustices of the world, we are never too far to make a difference.

If interested in joining Students for Global Responsibility, please contact George Vlasits or senior Ben Simon

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