Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:11 pm

Clubs: Frisbee Club

Time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 3 p.m
Place: Student Activity Center (SAC)
Sponsor: None
President: Boris Vassilev, Walker Hatchett, Spencer Bonar
Every team name comes with its quirks, but one just can't beat Blair's Homecooked Frisbee team. This eccentric name was derived when the commonly used Frisbee lingo "disc in" was heard improperly and resembled the word "biscuit." And, alas, the Homecooked biscuit arose.

Originally named the "12-inch discs" in 1997, the team formed when more students started to play ultimate frisbee during 5B lunch, according to junior team member David Wasser. One year later, they joined the Washington Area Frisbee Club's (WAFC) Fall Clique League and participated in the WAFC Junior League in the spring, winning several awards along the way such as the Spirit of the Game award. Two years ago, Homecooked was fifth in the county at one point, and in 2006, they won the Maryland State Championship in the high school division.

Homecooked plans to continue with their success this year in the Fall Brawl, a tournament among multiple high schools.

The team practices on the Blair field in the fall and at Pine Crest Elementary School in the spring. "We mostly work on drills to work on strategy," Wasser says. "After we practice throwing and catching, we'll throw in a couple of skirmishes."

Co-captain Walker Hatchett, a senior, is optimistic about their chances this year. "We have a pretty good shot at winning states again," he says. "So if anyone wants to say they were a state champion, they should join."

Wasser adds that ultimate frisbee is a great opportunity for all. "The sport is becoming much more popular and widespread," he says. "Ultimate is fun, exciting and a great form of exercise."

If interested in joining Frisbee Club, please contact seniors Boris Vassilev, Walker Hatchett or Spencer Bonar.

Club beat by Charles Kong