Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: Vietnamese Club

Place: Room 148
President: Thanh Tu Nguyen
The goal of the Vietnamese Club, sponsored by ESOL teacher Thanh Tu Nguyen, is to learn about Vietnamese culture through various activities. The club celebrates cultural events such as the the Vietnamese New Year, teaches the Vietnamese language, listens to Vietnamese music and organizes fun activities like picnics.

When students approached Nguyen in 1983, she could not turn down their proposal for her to sponsor the Vietnamese club. The club has existed for 24 years and has been sponsored by Nguyen for 19 of those years. However, the club has been largely inactive over the past five years, even losing Nguyen’s sponsorship. Nguyen agreed to sponsor the club once more this year. "One of my former ESOL students came and asked me to sponsor the club again, I decided to sponsor the club the last year before I retire," says Nguyen.

The club meets in room 148 usually once a week on Wednesdays at the beginning of the semester, but Nguyen says that later in the year, the club will aim to meet only twice a month. No exact dates have been set.

All students, even those who are not Vietnamese, are welcome to join the club and learn about Vietnamese culture, according to Nguyen.

If interested in joining the Vietnamese club, please contact Thanh Tu Nguyen in the ESOL office located in room 153.

Club beat by Jenny Williams