Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:11 pm

Clubs: Yearbook

Time: First and sixth periods
Place: Room 168
Sponsor: Jacob Lee
President: Cassie Cummins
Every year, students buy yearbooks as a way to preserve their memories of the past school year. But who compiles the pictures, puts the pages together and decides what goes into the book? Yearbook class is the answer to all those questions.

Students in Yearbook work all year to publish Silverlogue, Blair's yearbook. Students work during class by going around the school looking for interviews and taking pictures. In designing and laying out the yearbook, students use software such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. They put together almost 300 pages worth of memories from the past school year in the form of pictures and text. Throughout the year, the yearbook staff has to meet certain deadlines to keep the different sections of the yearbook up to date.

The yearbook staff's editor-in-chief, senior Cassie Cummins, oversees all the work. Layout editor, senior Michelle Kae, is in charge of designing the layouts and basic structure for each page. Cummins then assigns each of Kae's layouts to individual students, who have to find the pictures and information to fill in the layouts. The section editors help students fill in the layouts along with completing their own pages.

This year, Yearbook has added a photo department and a marketing department. The photo department is devoted to taking pictures, and the marketing department spreads the word to Blazers about the yearbook.

Yearbook class is open to all incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students who want to join the staff must apply in the spring. Sponsor Jacob Lee and the editor-in-chief review the applications, looking for criteria such as prior experience, responsibility and good grades. Together with the layout editor, they decide who the rising editors will be.

Over the years, the sections, such as student life, clubs, sports and academics, have stayed consistent. The real changes are in the actual content. "The yearbook is supposed to reflect the student population, so it's changed over the years as student society has changed," sponsor Jacob Lee says. "I just think it's one of these things people constantly pull off the shelves years down the road."

Kae believes that Yearbook is very important to Blair. "It's cool being a part of this huge project where everyone in the school gets to look at it and remember things," she says.

Anyone interested in joining Yearbook should contact Jacob Lee.

Club beat by Emily Hsiao