Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:11 pm

Clubs: Hip-Hop Club

Time: Every Tuesday, 2:10 3 p.m.
Place: Room 253
Sponsor: Kenneth Smith
President: Ben Simon
Circling in time to a beat, seven students let fly improvised rhymes, playing off each other to work up a mesmerizing rhythm. This freestyle session is called "ciphering," one of several activities in the Hip-Hop Club. More complex than plain rap, hip-hop is a natural flow of self-expression that this club established by a few Blazers in 2005 hopes to get back to the true essence of.

Hip-Hop Club meetings are interactive sessions of ciphering, writing and sharing creative lyrics or composing rhythmic beats. "The club is where we can express ourselves with our work," club vice-president Austin Haynes says. Hip-hop gives members the opportunity to express their passions, their personalities and their style.

Hip-Hop Club members also take time to discuss issues at the heart of music. Analysis of contemporary lyrics and music videos of various artists often turn into heated debates. "Last meeting, we compared taste in music and the influence of culture on hip-hop," Haynes says.

The members are just as fluid as hip-hop itself. Although only a small club with an average attendance of about six to seven each week, the club is special in that each meeting contains new faces. "We probably have new members every week," Haynes says. "Anyone can come. You don't need experience in this stuff; just be ready to be yourself."

The Hip-Hop Club hopes to expand its boundaries by moving beyond its members. For the winter spirit week, the club planned to hold a "Freestyle Friday," a battle between two teams of about seven people, in the SAC during lunch. "If someone has something to say, they'll just say it in their own way," says Haynes. "It's all about expressing your thoughts."

If interested in joining the Hip-Hop Club, please contact seniors Ben Simon and Austin Haynes.

Club beat by David Zheng