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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: The Vault

Time: Open during 5A and 5B lunch on
Place: Next to the financial office
Sponsor: Mrs. Rogner
President: Jonathan Ung, Stephany Verduguez
When passing the main office, one will notice a split door right next to the financial office. The open-windowed door is the entrance to Blair's branch of the Vault, where students can manage their money.

The Vault operates as an in-school bank as part of the Montgomery County Teacher's Federal Credit Union (MCT FCU) with its own savings accounts and interest rates. Their goal is to get more students to save and to have more people make and use their accounts. Each month the Vault competes with other branches of MCT FCU to see who can sign up more people by the end of the month. In the months from October to December, the MBHS chapter has signed up more people than any other school.

The members are divided into branch managers and other members according to Rogner, the branch managers manage the MBHS branch of the MCT FCU.

The members often come up with ideas to increase saving habits and the number of accounts. One such program was Valentine's Day initiative, where new students that signed up would have a chance to win $10.

Vault members are responsible for the function of the bank, and are trained to do all of the club's work. "What people don't know is that the members run the place. I just sit and watch," says club sponsor Linda Rogner. "People always assume they need to talk to me when in fact the members know everything already."

In the near future, the Vault plans on making a specialized savings account for seniors at Blair so they can save for graduation expenses.

Entrance into the club is by invitation only. If interested in joining this club, contact Linda Rogner for an application.

Club beat by Sean Howard