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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: Ski Club

Time: Tuesday; 2:30 4:00 p.m. once
Place: Room 321
Sponsor: Corrie Weisensee
President: Otis Banwell
With the unsatisfying amount of snow that falls in our area, Blazers are reduced to meagerly-resourced snowball fights and dangerously painful ice sledding. Fortunately, there is a way to remedy the craving for snow trips to ski and snowboard, organized by Ski Club.

During meetings, members of Ski Club work to get ready for annual trips. Students create fliers to increase publicity about upcoming trips. In addition, the members work hard to collect money and get all the necessary paperwork into the hands of sponsor Corrie Weisensee.

After dealing with red tape and finishing the schedule, members sign up for an annual trip to WISP Resort. Located in Garrett County, Maryland, the ski location is open all year. Club President Otis Banwell, a sophomore, has been on two ski trips with the group, both of which he enjoyed. "They were a lot of fun and were organized well," he says.

This year's trip lasted two nights - members barreled down the slopes from Friday night until Sunday morning. Although the site's main attraction is its hills, there are plenty of other things to do at the resort, including a mini roller coaster and snow shoeing. Away from the mountain, students have access to a pool and hot tub in their hotel.

Generally, a few teachers chaperone the trip and students are transported to the ski location by carpool or bus, depending on how the logistics work Other than a few check-in times, club members are given free time to slide down the slopes, eat or socialize.

Though Ski Club tries to organize as many trips as possible, there are several scheduling issues that restrict the number of trips that they can coordinate. "There was a trip planned for March 1 to Seven Springs, but it was cancelled," Banwell says, due to the start of spring sports seasons.

Ski Club is not limited to experienced snowboarders and skiers. First timers are always welcome and will have opportunities to learn. "It's a good way to learn because you go with a bunch of your friends," Banwell says. And for those that do not trust their friends' teaching, professional tutoring is also available by instructors from the resort.

Without any lasting snow, this year's winter simply doesn't feel right. But at Ski Club, there's always hope for a winter wonderland.

If interested in joining Ski Club, contact Corrie Weisensee or Otis Banwell.

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