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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:13 pm

Clubs: Thespians

Time: TBD
Place: Auditions and Rehearsals take place in Room 6
Sponsor: Keith Anderson
President: Brittany Allen and Caitlin Schneiderhan
For all students interested in drama but not in the intense preparation required for major school productions, the Thespians club is the place to be.

An audition-based club, the purpose of Thespians is to showcase an essentially student-run production in the spring, according to club sponsor Keith Anderson. "That production tends to be a collection of one-act plays, though we're not limited to that on principle," says Anderson.

Seniors Caitlin Schneiderhan and Brittany Allen, who have been directors for the past two years, are the firm decision-makers of the club. Schneiderhan and Allen are in charge of everything from choosing the one-acts to holding auditions, selecting the talented and budding thespians and directing the play.

Though Anderson claims to have worked with "a handful of really fine actors" who are passionate about theater and serious about throwing a successful show, the club is generally relaxed. "The mood during rehearsals is very light-hearted," he says. "This is an after school club, after all, and what's most important to me is that the students have a good time."

Auditions, which will be advertised later this year, are projected to start a week or two after the spring musical ends, according to Schneiderhan.

If you're interesting in auditioning for Thespians, contact Mr. Anderson in the English department, Brittany Allen or Caitlin Schneiderhan for information.

Editor's Note: Brittany Allen is a SCO Features Editor and Caitlin Schneiderhan is a print managing entertainment editor.

Club beat by Anika Manzoor