Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:13 pm

Clubs: Indian Club

Time: Thurs. at 3 p.m.
Place: Room 327
Sponsor: L. Hsin
President: Ramona Singh
Although Blair's Indian club consists of only 15 members, they meet weekly to reconnect with their unique culture. During the meetings the members listen to native music and watch Indian films to learn about their culture.

One of the benefits of forming an Indian club at such a diverse school is that non-Indian students get a chance to experience foreign traditions. "We actually get other races to come to our club; it's open to any race," says club president senior Ramona Singh.

The members are currently producing an Indian entertainment night to be held on April 29th in the auditorium. The event will include Indian dance, skits and other representations of Indian culture. The club plans to donate the money earned to charities that benefit India, such as Tsunami relief funds.

The club, which is headed by Matter & Energy teacher Mr. Hsin, has performed numerous times at pep rallies and sells handmade dolls for charity. However, the club's main focus is in traditional dance.

Freshman Jagpreet Kaur says that the best part of the club when they "prepare for the dance." Generally, the club chooses dances originating from the Punjab region of Indian.

Club beat by Alexis Egan