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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:12 pm

Clubs: Young Latinos for the Future

Time: Mon. and Wed., 2:15 p.m.
Place: Room 163
Sponsor: Rocio Beltethon
President: Yenny Miranda
Young Latinos for the Future (YLF) encourages members to help the community and help themselves. Originally called the Hispanic Club, YLF allows students to earn community service hours, learn more about future career opportunities and have fun.

During a typical meeting, members converse about problems in the community and ways to solve them. "We talk about what we can do as a group," club sponsor Rocio Beltethon says.

YLF organizes community service projects to help solve these problems. This year, Beltethon expresses interest in fundraising, organizing a food drive and participating in the Nov. 17 Help the Homeless Walkathon.

A main goal of YLF is to have members succeed later in life. "We want to have students be aware of how to use the career center," Beltethon says, who believes that many students think that high school is the end of their schooling.

Beltethon is very optimistic about the opportunities that YLF brings to students. "It's a good way for not only Latinos, but all types of cultures to come together and communicate about community issues and how to get ahead," she says.

If interested in joining YLF, please contact Rocio Beltethon or Yenny Miranda.

Club beat by Kevin Teng