Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:58 pm

Clubs: Student Government Association

Time: Third period
Place: SGA Office, Room 161
Sponsor: Rondai Ravilious
President: Molly Martinez
Everyone's heard of the Student Government Association (SGA), but what exactly is it? "The SGA represents the student voice and serves as a partnership between the students, administration, and faculty," sponsor Rondai Ravilious says.

Apart from being the student voice, the SGA serves to inform Blazers. It organizes a variety of activities including homecoming, a tutoring program and different charity events like the canned food drive throughout the school year. Clubs also fall under the SGA's responsibilities. The SGA coordinates different projects and organizes its members into committees, each with a project coordinator. Every week, President Molly Martinez meets with Principal Darryl Williams to discuss issues that students have raised.

Every year, freshmen, sophomores and juniors elect a president and vice president to represent Blair for the next school year as well as a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary for each class. The president of SGA then appoints students to cabinet positions. Students who want to be appointed must apply for a position or be recommended by a teacher or SGA member. Then, both officers and cabinet members are required to take the SGA Leadership class.

The SGA also has two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each class elects five senators who then elect the Senate President. The Senate meets once every two weeks, following Senate President Will Bucher's schedule. The House of Representatives meets once a month during one class period. Each class during that block elects a representative to go to the meetings.

The SGA's records date back to the 1953-54 school year. Back then, the SGA was called Student Council and was without class officers. The Student Council had a Congress and a Student Court with justices from every grade. Each committee in the cabinet had a separate sponsor. Now, even after half a century, the SGA still uses a similar system.

In SGA, students learn to take responsibility for their own education and to listen carefully to different perspectives. Ravilious believes that the SGA is an essential part of Blair. "The fact that students spend eight hours in this building everyday means that students need to be recognized," Ravilious says. "Blair is one of the most encouraging schools I know that let students have an active voice."

Oftentimes, the SGA's work goes unrecognized, especially because they deal with a lot of behind-the-scene details. "Sometimes people don't see what we do and it gets frustrating," Martinez says, "but overall it's a great organization and I just love it."

If interested in joining the SGA, please contact Rondai Ravilious or Molly Martinez.

Club beat by Emily Hsiao