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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:13 pm

Clubs: InToneNation

Time: Weekends
Place: Members' residences
Sponsor: Paul Newport
President: Corinne Ducey
InToneNation is Blairís unique and original a cappella group. Unlike other Blair choirs, InToneNation is student-run and its members direct every aspect of their performances.

InToneNation began in 1996 and has recorded seven albums since then. The talented musical group was originally named "Those 5 Guys" and featured only magnet students. The group later switched its name to "Vocal Aggression," when it began featuring a co-ed effort. Since its 1996 debut, InToneNation has grown popular, attracting many students throughout the years. "InToneNation usually has 14 to 16 members. InToneNation is selective because we are looking for a certain voice and blend, which in return makes us competitive," says director Corinne Ducey, a junior.

InToneNation is primarily run by the members of the group, needing little guidance from sponsor and choral teacher Paul Newport. The group meets every weekend at one of the singers' houses, depending on the week and which member is available. During these practice sessions, the group prepares for upcoming "gigs" and perfects their musical recordings in the hopes of being nominated for "Best of High School a Cappella" (BOHSA), which is a compilation of high school student-produced a cappella songs. Because BOHSA accepts submissions from a cappella groups across the country, inclusion on the disc is very competitive. In 2006, InToneNation was nominated for BOHSA and received second place.

InToneNation expects to make its eighth CD, which will feature 10 to 12 songs, available sometime in the spring of 2008. "This is our tenth year anniversary of the first album we released, named 'Coppertone.' You can expect the best elements of our old repeater included in this year' s album, but also new recordings," says Ducey.

For more information on InToneNation, visit The website features current and past members along with an archive of previous CD's. If interested in joining InToneNation, contact Corinne Ducey or Paul Newport. Tryouts will be held in the beginning of May.

Club beat by Jenny Williams