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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 8:55 pm

Clubs: International Club

Time: Every other Tuesday, 2:10 p.m.
Place: Room 151
Sponsor: Emily Raba, Jody Tomasek
President: Daphney Georges
Blair students from all around the world gather in room 151 every other Tuesday to share aspects of their home countries' cultures. These students, hailing from regions ranging from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, comprise the International Club.

Each meeting of the club focuses on an aspect of a foreign culture. "We try to show others what other cultures are like," says junior Daphney Georges, president of the club. The club shows foreign movies and plays various genres of music from countries all over the world, says Georges. Members also bring in foreign food for others to sample at club meetings.

The members of the International Club coordinate the annual International Night, an event where various clubs relating to foreign culture, such as the Caribbean Club, show off their talents. The event is "like a little party," says Georges. The event typically features singing and dancing, and sometimes even performances from Blair teachers.

The International Club also partakes in projects and reaches out to those in foreign counties. Last year, the club held fundraisers, in which they sold pizza and candy, and made enough money to sponsor a year of education for three schoolchildren in India. This year, says Georges, the club hopes to raise more money and continue this project.

Although the club is organized by students, ESOL teachers and co-sponsors of the International Club, Emily Raba and Jody Tomasek, oversee the meetings. Raba and Tomasek aid in organizing projects and events, managing the club’s finances and approving the club’s activies.

Club meetings also include homework sessions, where the club sponsors help students with schoolwork. Students who attend these sessions are, for the most part, members of the International Club, but the support is open to everyone. "It's not easy for someone from another country to come here and handle everything," says Georges. Most members of the club are recent immigrants to the United States, and the club helps them adjust to the new environment, she says.

Students interested in joining the International Club should attend club meetings in room 151.

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