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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 2:47 pm

Humans of Blair

Isabel Hernandez-Cata is a general music and choral teacher at Blair. Miles Royce
Isabel Hernandez-Cata is a general music and choral teacher at Blair.

Humans of Blair: A balance of passions

Isabel Hernandez-Cata, the choral and general music teacher at Blair, grew up with music-loving parents who come from different cultural backgrounds. As a result, Hernandez-Cata has devoted almost all of her life to music and teaching.

Humans of Blair: Caring and committed

Senior Savitri Singh has wanted to become a doctor since she was four years old. Unlike the childhood career fantasies of many, Singh's dream has not left her as she has grown older.

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Friends, Soccer—and Swish!

In 2012, Okombi escaped war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo to the U.S. with his family. He enrolled at Blair the summer after, immediately joining the inter-school summer soccer league.

Humans of Blair: Finding the good in everything

Alumni of Blair: Love and loss at Blair

"The best day of my life was at that Blair basketball game."

Humans of Blair: Kinetics, Cars and Cameroon

Sophomore Franck Demou walks into the media center with a confident smile. He packs together with his tight group of friends. Sitting down at a table, he thinks back to long walks during his sunny days in Cameroon.

Humans of Blair: A guest for a whole year

Tall and blonde, Julia Spies seems like a fairly typical Blair sophomore—except for her German accent. Spies is a German exchange student who will be attending Blair for a whole year.
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