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Saturday, November 25, 2017 6:21 am

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Serena Williams, left, and Andy Murray dominated at the 2016 Wimbledon Championships in London. Both players earned £2 million or $2,677,148 for winning the singles' event.

Women’s tennis matches should be best-of-five sets

Another U.S. Open wrapped up on September 10th, and it’s about time to question whether women tennis players deserve equal pay.

Maryland women fall short of Final 4

March Madness; one side of the tournament has coverage for every game, millions of viewers and followers who make their own brackets and follow along. However, many people forget that there is another side to the madness, the women's side.

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NFL Week 17 Projections

SCO Fantasy Football Picks for Week 16

Once a week SCO staff writers Ben Yokoyama and Charlie Lott will post their fantasy football predictions alongside those of a special guest teacher and one student from the general Blair population.

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Standings: 1. Bobby: 119-76 2. Lauren: 118-77 3. Sandeep: 114-81 4. Charlie: 112-83

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Our prediction squad’s standings continue to tighten up week after week. This week we see the Vikings battle for the lead of the NFC North, and the Panthers will try to remain undefeated against the offensively loaded Saints. Check out these predictions to see who our experts think will win these big games in Week 13.

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Standings: 1. Bobby: 92-55 2. Sandeep: 88-59 3. Lauren: 88-59 4. Charlie: 86-61
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