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Friday, July 20, 2018 6:48 am

SGR Spectacular

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The Fighting Janes perform at the Mardi Gras themed SGR Spectacular.

The Fighting Janes perform at the Mardi Gras themed SGR Spectacular.1Picture by Molly BruneJunior Corinne Ducey lead InToneNation in their version of "Eye of the Tiger."2Picture by Julia SeigerThe Middle Eastern Club where a whirl of color during their dance performance. 3Picture by Julia SeigerJunior Tori Heller wowed the crowd with her own original songs.4Picture by Julia SeigerJunior Jonathan Gootenberg performed with the jazz band playing a symphonious tune for the crowd.5Picture by Julia SeigerSenior Noah Robinson sings with his acoustic guitar.6Picture by Molly BruneJunior Jessica Diaz reads a poem of her own at the SGR Spectacular.7Picture by Molly Brune8Picture by Molly BruneThe Holy Rollers perform a number for the audience.9Picture by Molly BruneThe air band, Action Jackson and the Go-Getters, perform with festive santa hats on.10Picture by Molly BruneJunior Jumi Bello shared her slam poetry with the audience.11Picture by Gili PerlSenior Tori Heller, shown above performing at last year's SGR Spectacular, will be one of several performers at this Friday's concert. 12Picture by Gili PerlThe Middle Eastern Club performed an elaborately choreographed dance sequence. 13Picture by Gili PerlOne of Blair's own break dance crew members made the audience hold its breath as they performed gravity-defying stunts. 14Picture by Gili Perl
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