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Sunday, July 22, 2018 10:18 am

Old Blair auditorium

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The dusty seats await their next audience.

The dusty seats await their next audience.1Picture by Alex LutzA view of the stage from the light booth.2Picture by Alex Lutz3Picture by Alex LutzA lone glove lays on the stage among debris.4Picture by Alex LutzPosters from previous plays and productions cover a wall backstage.5Picture by Alex LutzCostumes still hang in the old dressing rooms amongst built up graffiti.6Picture by Alex LutzOld makeup and papers lay on top of old dressing room counters.7Picture by Alex LutzHundreds of shoes and old costumes still lay on the floor of the old dressing rooms. 8Picture by Alex LutzAn old list of acts for a play remains duct-taped to a wall amid old costumes and graffiti. 9Picture by Alex LutzThe old Blair auditorium includes two level dressing rooms complete with showers.10Picture by Alex LutzThe old Blair auditorium can hold over 1000 people in its stadium seating.11Picture by Alex LutzThe old light board in the lighting booth still glows in the dark despite being abandoned.12Picture by Alex LutzLight gels leftover from the old light booth lie scattered on the floor.13Picture by Alex LutzAn old tool box in the light booth.14Picture by Alex LutzOld light fixtures and curtains hang amongst old stage crew supplies and litter.15Picture by Alex LutzIn addition to the stage, the old Blair auditorium also houses a full photography darkroom.16Picture by Alex LutzPeople wait on the stage to get a tour of the auditorium.17Picture by Alex LutzThe layout of the auditorium hangs on a vacant wall.18Picture by Alex LutzA bulletin board with news articles and current updates sits near the entrance to the auditorium.19Picture by Alex Lutz
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