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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 7:17 pm

Signs of hot love in a cold winter

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Junior Danielle James and senior Moise Louis exchanged friendly gifts this year.

Junior Danielle James and senior Moise Louis exchanged friendly gifts this year. 1Picture by Gili PerlBlazers sold paper hearts at lunch to benefit the American Red Cross.2Picture by Gili PerlJunior Luiz Pedrosa spoiled his girlfriend, senior Belen Bomilla,, with flowers and a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. 3Picture by Gili PerlSenior couple Mayra Garcia and Marallo Cabrera gave each other chocolates and other gifts to celebrate. 4Picture by Gili PerlSenior Stephanie Anderson carries a massive load of gifts from various admirers. 5Picture by Gili PerlMs. Taylor beams after receiving carnations as a Valentine’s Day surprise.6Picture by Gili PerlSenior Matt Dant and junior Paige Munger cuddle in the hallway after exchanging gifts. 7Picture by Gili PerlFreshman Christina Stiles and sophomore Trevor Fullerton show their affection for each other in the midst of Blair Boulevard.8Picture by Molly BruneAttendance lady Roxanne Fus always dresses up for the festivities of Valentine’s Day.9Picture by Gili PerlFreshmen Lyla Shairo and Darnell Downer are happy to spend their first Valentine’s Day together. 10Picture by Gili PerlSenior Christoff Visscher lovingly gives a flower to junior Melanie Snail.11Picture by Julia SeigerDouble-daters freshman Nathalie Deleon, sophomore Soleydi Morel, junior Morries Donaldson and junior Johan Garcia. 12Picture by Gili PerlSophomores Imani Pierre, Jackie Kibunje, Darcy Pelz-Butler and freshman Sierra Thomas all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. 13Picture by Gili PerlFreshman Chelsea Nunez has a secret admirer!14Picture by Molly BruneThe chamber choir sings love songs to spanish teacher Dora Gonzalez as part of their singing valentine fundraiser.15Picture by Molly BruneSeniors Amanda Pesantez and Tiara Sanderson show off their love for the day of love.16Picture by Molly BruneSophomores Leon Scales and Charis Hollinger have been together for a year and four months!17Picture by Molly Brune
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