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Friday, August 17, 2018 8:47 pm

Slumber party day

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Junior Lily Ross likes to relax in these pink pajamas.

Junior Lily Ross likes to relax in these pink pajamas.1Picture by Julia SeigerSenior Linda Li looks sweet in her pink candy pajamas. 2Picture by Alex LutzJunior Kitty Martin cant bring her dog to school so she settles for wearing them on her pajamas.3Picture by Alex LutzFreshmen Laura Anthony, Sree Sinha, Jialin Quinlan, Casey Goldvale, Sarah Scwartz and Katie Ta came to school ready for a slumber party.4Picture by Julia SeigerJunior Briana Taylor and sophomores Ani Nzesi and Ima Nzesi look fly in their slumber party clothes.5Picture by Julia SeigerSophomore Courtney Snares, junior Jenna Craver and freshman Michael Dalbello are ready to fall asleep in their pajamas.6Picture by Julia SeigerSophomores Brittany Reyes and Nicolette Harley are ready to call it a day, looking sleepy in their pajamas.7Picture by Julia SeigerSophomores Michelyn Bouknight and Max Pollaco feel peaceful in their pjs.8Picture by Julia SeigerFreshmen Lyndsay Rini and Maia Barnes have everything they need for a slumber party, eh. 9Picture by Julia SeigerSenior Sriya Sarkar yawns and stretches upon waking from a nap on Slumber Party Day.10Picture by Gili Perl
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