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Monday, June 18, 2018 8:43 pm

Secret identity day

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Freshmen Adam Auerbach, Sam Eldelman, Peter Leonard and Andrew Lichter can bake up a storm dressed as muffin men.

Freshmen Adam Auerbach, Sam Eldelman, Peter Leonard and Andrew Lichter can bake up a storm dressed as muffin men.1Picture by Julia SeigerSeniors Andre Brutus, Joey Jenkins, Bradley Harmon, Zach Brown, Michelle Lopez, and Michelle Neal set out to fight crime in their group themed Power Rangers costumes.2Picture by Alex LutzFreshman Gabe Pollak has no fear dressed as Rod Kimble from the movie "Hot Rod."3Picture by Julia SeigerWhere in the world is senior Tara Schiraldi? Here she is on Blair Boulevard dressed as Carmen Sandiego.4Picture by Julia SeigerFreshmen Tasmin Swanson, Casey Goldvale and Elizabeth Spilsbury are not easily recognized in these clever disguises.5Picture by Julia SeigerIt's a bird, it's a plane, it's freshman Leah Ragen ready to save the world, in her superhero getup.6Picture by Julia SeigerFreshmen Sree Sinha and Sarah Schwartz team up to fight lack of knowledge as Power Enzyme and Grammar Girl.7Picture by Julia SeigerSophomore Joe Hammer comes prepared to fight as transformer Optimus Prime. Hammer was one of the winners for today's SGA spirit contest.8Picture by Julia SeigerFreshman Theresa Regan will have no problem defeating villains in this original superhero outfit. 9Picture by Julia SeigerFreshman Jesicca Miller comes to school prepared with baked goods as Wonder Housewife.10Picture by Julia SeigerJunior Lily Ross shows off a karate move as the Karate Kid for Secret Identity Day.11Picture by Gili PerlJunior Charles "Ross" McClay flexes his muscles as Vin Diesel from the XXX movies. 12Picture by Gili PerlSophomore spies Brittany Reyes and Tracy Betsock seem a little conspicuous on Secret Identity Day.13Picture by Gili PerlSenior Christopher Silberholz is secretly a Viking.14Picture by Gili PerlSophomore Sibyl Brown's secret identity is Hannah Montana. 15Picture by Gili PerlSenior Jenimae Granados dressed as Sailor Moon for Secret Identity Day.16Picture by Gili Perl
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