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Friday, July 20, 2018 4:53 am

Film shooting

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Junior Emma Guerrero gets her trumpet ready to play the same fight song countless times.

Junior Emma Guerrero gets her trumpet ready to play the same fight song countless times.1Picture by Molly BruneJunior Mandy Brown gets her hair fixed so that it will fit under her marching band hat.2Picture by Molly BruneThe chairs of all the important people, such as the director, had the name of the movie on the back and the name of the chair holder on the front.3Picture by Molly BruneIn addition to Blair's marching band, the scene included gun twirling girls.4Picture by Molly BruneBlair's marching band not only had to play their fight song many times, but they also had to pretend to play the song many times without making a sound.5Picture by Molly BruneDirector Kevin MacDonald, who has also directed six other movies including "The Last King of Scotland," checks in with the marching band and gun twirlers to make sure they are all holding up well.6Picture by Molly BruneRussell Crowe helps Rachel McAdams into a car after they finish a discussion they held while walking by the marching band.7Picture by Molly BruneBecause of the heavy winds, both the flags and the feathers on the marching band hats looked more lively in the scene.8Picture by Molly BruneMany students took naps during breaks after having to be at Blair by 5:30 am to be make sure they didn't miss the bus.9Picture by Molly BruneExhausted Blazers take a seat on the steps of the Scottish Rite Temple at every chance they get.10Picture by Molly Brune
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