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Sunday, July 22, 2018 10:17 pm

Chinese turnip cakes

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Remember to let the rice soften in water overnight.

Remember to let the rice soften in water overnight.1Picture by Emily HsiaoMake sure the mixture is not too thin.2Picture by Emily HsiaoPeel off the skin of the turnip with a peeler.3Picture by Emily HsiaoCut the turnip in half so that it is easier to grate.4Picture by Emily HsiaoGrate the turnip so that it is shaved into thin pieces.5Picture by Emily HsiaoTry to cut the mushroom into the smallest pieces possible.6Picture by Emily HsiaoSlice the bacon into even pieces.7Picture by Emily HsiaoMix the bacon and mushroom slices with the shrimp.8Picture by Emily HsiaoTry not to spill any of the turnip when pouring it in.9Picture by Emily HsiaoEvenly mix the turnip with the mushroom, shrimp and bacon.10Picture by Emily HsiaoStir and pour in the rice mixture at the same time.11Picture by Emily HsiaoOnce cooked in a rice cooker, the cake should be solid and ready to be fried.12Picture by Emily HsiaoPieces of the cake should be sliced off before frying.13Picture by Emily HsiaoEnjoy the Chinese turnip cake!14Picture by Emily Hsiao
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