Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Monday, July 16, 2018 4:21 pm

The beauty of blossoming Blair on Earth Day

1Picture by Molly BruneBlair has planted trees and flowers in the middle of the outdoor courtyard to add cheeriness to the otherwise largely gray area.2Picture by Molly BruneWith an abundant amount of shrubbery and grass, the practice fields at Blair are able to withstand the flooding caused by rain.3Picture by Molly BruneSome plants at Blair, though categorized by some as weeds, serve as opportunities to make wishes for some students.4Picture by Molly BruneAs the school year continues at Blair so does the circle of life for the plants at Blair, as shown by the wilting of Blair's many beautiful daffodils.5Picture by Molly BruneThe flowers at Blair range from being wild and dotting fields to being carefully planted in gardens and under trees.6Picture by Molly BruneTrees have been planted in front of the main entrance to the school to beautify the building and show all visitors the importance of nature to our school.7Picture by Molly BruneWhile the majority of Blair's plants are well cared for,every now and then a small plant has been neglected.8Picture by Molly Brune
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