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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 4:45 am

Dying for Darfur

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People pretend to be dead while they lay on the ground to protest the genocide in Darfur.

People pretend to be dead while they lay on the ground to protest the genocide in Darfur.1Picture by Molly BruneMany of the participants hold signs to explain and emphasize the message they are tying to send in the "die-in."2Picture by Molly BruneSenior Vijay Baharani and graduate Emanuel Waktola pose dead off to the side of the road.3Picture by Molly BruneDespite the concern that not enough people would come, the protest gathered around 200 protesters.4Picture by Molly BruneAfter senior Ben Simon, the organizer of the event, gave a pep talk, protesters began their march to the MCNPPC to try to convince them to divest their funds so they would not support the Sudanese government.5Picture by Molly BruneDuring the march, the protesters chant slogans such as "Save Darfur" and "MNCPPC 6Picture by Molly BruneSenior Noah Robinson and juniors Aaron Kozloff and Brady Ettinger lead the protesters in a cheer asking M-NCPPC to divest their spendings and not support the genocide.7Picture by Molly BruneJunior Vanessa Hoy holds up a sign in the midst of the marchers.8Picture by Molly BruneSenior Ben Simon give a speech in front of the building where the decision about the divestment will be made next week.9Picture by Molly BruneDespite the large gathering of students outside the building, nobody from the M-NCPPC came outside during the protest.10Picture by Molly BruneAs cars rush by, some drivers take the time to honk when they see the signs supporting Darfur.11Picture by Molly BruneThe students return to downtown Silver Spring to "die" one last time.12Picture by Molly BruneHowever this time instead of trying to seem as dead as possible, the activists continue their chants to call more attention to their cause.13Picture by Molly Brune
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