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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 3:37 pm

Dog day in Downtown Silver Spring

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People sit around with their dogs and chat.

People sit around with their dogs and chat.1Picture by Alex JosephThe Washington Animal Rescue League looks for homes for their dogs.2Picture by Alex JosephMany pet food companies, including ZiwiPeak, advertise their products.3Picture by Molly BruneSome dogs are more bashful than others.4Picture by Alex JosephFace painting is quite popular among the young dog lovers.5Picture by Alex JosephSome dogs need to take a break at the Pet Pit Stop.6Picture by Alex JosephSome people almost got carried away with the excitement.7Picture by Alex JosephMany dogs enjoy a free ride through the streets.8Picture by Alex JosephA small dog named Kiwi can't wait to play with the other dogs.9Picture by Alex JosephSarah Kessler provides information about her husband, Glen, who paints pet portraits.10Picture by Alex JosephThese dogs prove to be great conversation starters for complete strangers.11Picture by Alex JosephA large banner over Ellsworth Drive welcomes visitors to the Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring.12Picture by Alex JosephAfter a long day, this dog is dog-tired.13Picture by Alex Joseph A few dogs even get dressed up for the occasion.14Picture by Alex JosephRalph waits patiently while his owner talks with other dog owners.15Picture by Alex JosephBoth dogs and people of all ages and sizes came to take part in the dogtivities.16Picture by Alex Joseph
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