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Thursday, July 19, 2018 5:29 pm

Delightful DC

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Marvelous Market provides District residents with a huge variety of delectable homemade treats.

Marvelous Market provides District residents with a huge variety of delectable homemade treats. 1Picture by Julia SeigerWith bright walls and tasty treats, the Marvelous Market's small size makes it an intimate and welcoming environment for hungry citizens in the mood for a delightful snack.2Picture by Julia SeigerNot only does Politics and Prose contain a huge array of books for customers to choose from, but it creates a warm atmosphere for readers to gather. 3Picture by Julia SeigerAs indicated by the name, Politics and Prose includes many very political and satyrical books.4Picture by Molly BruneA couch lies on the corner of Chesapeake and 41 St. patiently waiting for a fatigued passerby to rest on its cushions.5Picture by Julia SeigerA seemingly random stage with a light above it sits in the middle of a park being torn apart for construction at the corner of Chesapeake and 41 St.6Picture by Molly BruneA majestic tower stands tall, gated in the middle of a local park in Northwest, DC.7Picture by Julia SeigerMorty, owner of Morty's Delicatessen which is located on Wisconsin Avenue, stays true to his roots and greets every guest who walks through the door with a welcoming smile and a large menu. 8Picture by Julia SeigerThe sign out front bears a striking resemblance with Morty's owner.9Picture by Julia SeigerMorty's proudly displays its meat in the "to go" section of the restaurant.10Picture by Molly BruneEldbrooke United Methodist Church located just off of Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown gives the area a much needed dose of the past with its beautiful rustic architecture. 11Picture by Julia SeigerThe reflections of the surrounding area in the windows of Picasso Gallery add even more abstraction to the already abstract paintings displays prominently in the windows.12Picture by Molly BruneHungry Tiger and Steak n' Egg Breakfast are only two examples of restaurants with comical displays involving food in this neighborhood.13Picture by Molly BruneThe owners of Steak 'n Egg Kitchen with abstract pictures involving foods displayed around the premises.14Picture by Molly BruneAt Comet Ping Pong and Pizza located on Connecticut Avenue, customers will not only enjoy delicious pizza but they will also be able to delight in a few exciting games of ping pong while they wait for their food.15Picture by Julia SeigerComet Ping Pong and Pizza provides incredible food matched with an enjoyable experience.16Picture by Julia Seiger
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