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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 11:13 am

Sweet and sour chicken

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Be sure you are using boneless chicken before beginning the marinating process.

Be sure you are using boneless chicken before beginning the marinating process.1Picture by Emily HsiaoTry to evenly cover each piece of chicken with the dry flour and starch.2Picture by Emily HsiaoOnce each piece has been covered, place it aside for later use.3Picture by Emily HsiaoThe amount of oil needed will depend on the type of pan. It may be healthier to use less oil and just flip the pieces of chicken over more often so that the sides are still fried evenly.4Picture by Emily HsiaoBe sure to cover the chicken in wetted flour and starch before placing it into the pan to make sure that it will stick to the chicken.5Picture by Emily HsiaoAs each piece changes color, flip over the chicken so that each side is fried evenly. Be careful of the sizzling oil!6Picture by Emily HsiaoOnce the chicken has turned the crispy golden-brown color, take it out on of the pot and place it aside to cool.7Picture by Emily HsiaoMake the sauce, consisting of oil, ketchup and sugar, in the heated pan but remember to add the starch too at the end because the starch will help the sauce stick to the chicken.8Picture by Emily HsiaoStir the sauce to make sure the starch has also been spread around before adding in the fried chicken.9Picture by Emily HsiaoMove around the chicken pieces so that they are covered in the sweet and sour sauce.10Picture by Emily HsiaoEnjoy some homemade sweet and sour chicken that tastes just as good as restaurant food!11Picture by Emily Hsiao
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