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Friday, July 20, 2018 7:49 pm

Kindergarten day

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Channeling her inner child, senior Jennifer Parry takes joy in remembering her childhood.

Channeling her inner child, senior Jennifer Parry takes joy in remembering her childhood.1Picture by Julia SeigerJuniors Alaina Bricelandbetts, Gennesis Orellana, Kathleen Dacruz and Irina Somplatzki get comfort from their cuddly teddy bears.2Picture by Julia SeigerSenior Moyatu Ebba must have been the most stylish kid in her class, mixing sleek fashion with quirky accesories.3Picture by Julia SeigerPigtails and Mickey Mouse are what define senior Lilian Mendez's kindergarten flair. 4Picture by Julia SeigerSeniors Dadee Ramos, Jocelyn Zelaya and Maria Hernandez bring back memories of recess and nap time with these perky, childish outfits on Kindergarten Day. 5Picture by Julia SeigerSophomores Laura Anthony and Sarah Schwartz show off their own kindergarten styles, sporting pig tails and darling ensembles.6Picture by Julia SeigerA helpful clock necklace adds something different to junior Tuyendiana Ly's getup while a cute floppy hat gives junior Hannah Espo's outfit that extra boost of adorableness.7Picture by Julia SeigerSophomore Sierra Thomas and freshman Dayzha Dacosca go all out with their funky style complete with bright colors and kindergarten savvy accessories. 8Picture by Julia SeigerPikachu, a character from the popular television series "Pokémon," zaps junior Emmett Cummings back to his kindergarten self while junior Laura Sirbu channels her childhood with a delightful Elmo t-shirt. 9Picture by Julia SeigerSeniors Renee Pierce, Nora McNally, Anna Rassman, Annie Holt and Anna Hadfield all put a different spin on their childhood fashion. 10Picture by Gili PerlJunior Imani Pierre and sophomore VanAnh Luu stay cozy in their kindergarten-style pajamas. 11Picture by Gili Perl
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