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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 4:33 am

Pride & Prejudice: almost showtime

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Before rehearsal, actors do vocal warm ups to prepare their voices.

Before rehearsal, actors do vocal warm ups to prepare their voices.1Picture by Alex JosephSeniors Adam Carey and Maya Baum practice their scenes from the play without missing a line.2Picture by Alex JosephSenior Maya Maldonado-Weinstein and junior Adam Detzner play the flute and harpsichord respectively for nearly the entire play.3Picture by Alex JosephOffstage, cast members play games and chat as they wait for their cues.4Picture by Alex JosephSenior Chris Bodine makes some adjustments to the backdrop.5Picture by Alex JosephActors and stage crew members alike stop to admire the hard work that goes into creating the incredible set pieces.6Picture by Alex JosephSophomore Colin Wiencek practices using the soundboard to make sure the sound is just right during the performances.7Picture by Alex JosephJunior Cristina Muņoz-Pandya practices her blocking as the stage crew adjusts the set.8Picture by Alex JosephDirector Kelly O'Connor makes sure everything in the auditorium is running properly.9Picture by Alex JosephSenior Nora McNally delivers her lines flawlessly to an imaginary audience.10Picture by Alex JosephDuring her down time, junior Meredith Metcalf reviews her lines and does her homework.11Picture by Alex JosephMrs. O'Connor gives the cast a pep talk before doing a full run-through.12Picture by Alex Joseph
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