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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 4:11 am

Blair at night

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Cars begin to leave Blair as the sun sets on a Thursday evening.

Cars begin to leave Blair as the sun sets on a Thursday evening.1Picture by Lauren PoorA few lights are still on the building and the glow from the open locker room falls into the slowly darkening sidewalk.2Picture by Lauren PoorThe tennis courts were empty, waiting for tomorrow's gym class to use them.3Picture by Lauren PoorA metal slatted fence separates the fields and courts from the school.4Picture by Lauren PoorA few athletic Blazers left the field just after the sun went down, leaving silence and a night sky.5Picture by Lauren PoorOutdoor lighting keeps the building illuminated, but across the field the only evidence of life is the shining highway lights and the sound of cars.6Picture by Lauren PoorA classroom chair was hidden in a dark crevice between the field and the sidewalk.7Picture by Lauren PoorThe skeletal form of the fall trees is accentuated by the sliver of light that runs down their branches.8Picture by Lauren PoorAfter the sun set, activity outside of the school ended, while the ones indoors began wrapping up.9Picture by Lauren Poor
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