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Friday, August 17, 2018 1:32 pm

Magnet Arts Night

Magnet students showcase their talent.

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Kyujoo Choi, Elizabeth Lee and Michael Lee kicked off the show with traditional Korean drumming.

Kyujoo Choi, Elizabeth Lee and Michael Lee kicked off the show with traditional Korean drumming.1Picture by Alex JosephSeniors Jason Arora and Elaine Chung and juniors Nader Behdin and Scott Yu serve as Masters of Ceremonies for 2009's Magnet Arts Night.2Picture by Alex JosephJuniors Janice Lan, Elaine Lin, Lucy Liu, Xinhong Qiu and Danielle Sok perform a dance to the song "Replay" by the Korean group SHINee.3Picture by Alex JosephSeniors Xin Shan and Jessica Chen play a duet called "Totoro's Neighbor Linkin Park."4Picture by Alex JosephSeniors Anton Frolenkov and Joseph Lynch perform a Magnet-oriented version of a popular "Monty Python" skit about a dead calculator.5Picture by Alex JosephJunior Scott Zimmermann glides up and down the neck of his guitar as he plays "Suite del Recuerdo" with nimble fingers.6Picture by Alex JosephJunior Laura Sirbu commands the stage with a Latin ballroom dance with Clive Butler.7Picture by Alex JosephLawrence Cho, Christopher Hsing, Daniel Hwang and Nathan Kung came together to play "Bolero" on a single cello.8Picture by Alex JosephAlex Bae, Tony Cha, Vincent Hu and Matt Kannan bring rock and roll to the evening with My Favorite Highway's "The Simple Life."9Picture by Alex JosephSenior Julie Ufford and Mr. Donaldson duet on a country tune by Greg Brown.10Picture by Alex JosephJunior Amy Liu leaps gracefully around the stage while Peggy Houng provides music on the harp.11Picture by Alex JosephA large group of Blazers performs a humorous skit to the song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by the Beatles.12Picture by Alex JosephAaditya Chandra-Sekar, Ji Jung, Victor Wang and David Wasser play a moving rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Dani California."13Picture by Alex JosephAfter all the acts, the seniors in the audience take the stage to close the show with Queen's "We Are the Champions."14Picture by Alex JosephThe MCs present flowers to the staff and students that made this year's Magnet Arts Night such a great success.15Picture by Alex Joseph
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