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Monday, July 23, 2018 1:57 am

Where in Blair?

See if you really know MBHS. Can you identify what is being portrayed in close-ups before seeing the big picture?

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Where in Blair? View the next photo to see the answer.

Where in Blair? View the next photo to see the answer.1Picture by Molly BruneThis symbol represents the five academies at Blair. The arrows meet at the center of the pentagon - the focus of the previous picture. 2Picture by Molly BruneWhere in Blair? 3Picture by Alex JosephIt's a "fantastic" fire alarm along Blair Boulevard on the second floor.4Picture by Alex JosephWhere in Blair?5Picture by Alex JosephA hole in the P.E. hallway wall makes for an interesting close-up.6Picture by Alex JosephWhere in Blair?7Picture by Alex JosephOutside the auditorium, a water fountain lever has been shattered. 8Picture by Alex JosephWhere in Blair?9Picture by Julia SeigerLast year's science classes observed the decomposition of a deceased pig. Remnants of the animal now rest beyond the football field. 10Picture by Julia SeigerWhere in Blair?11Picture by Julia SeigerAn anonymous nature-loving knitter kindly knit a warm sweater for the tree that stands beside the tables outside of Blair's cafeteria.12Picture by Julia Seiger
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