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Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:24 am

The Maryland Renaissance Festival

Many wondrous sights and sounds are to be found at the Renaissance Festival.

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A marionette monkey entertains guests at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

A marionette monkey entertains guests at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.1Picture by Colin WiencekThe King's servant reads announcement to guests.2Picture by Colin WiencekA knight in shining armor prepares to charge into a friendly game of jousting, Maryland's official sport.3Picture by Colin WiencekA knight waits for results of jousting tournament to be announced by the royal queen of Revel Grove.4Picture by Colin WiencekElizabeth Spilsbury, a CAP junior, enjoys various wooden weapons for sale at the festival.5Picture by Colin WiencekVarious period wares were on sale at the festival, including fine jewelry.6Picture by Colin WiencekThe festival includes numerous plays and demonstrations from Shakespeare to sword swallowing.7Picture by Colin WiencekRomero, a member of the comedy routine Fight School, entertains guests with comedic fighting and witty jokes.8Picture by Colin WiencekA page helps remove knights helmet after an intense game of jousting.9Picture by Colin WiencekOne of the hit performances was the comedic plays performaned by Shakespeare Skum.10Picture by Colin Wiencek
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