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Friday, July 20, 2018 11:45 pm

Blair's 75th Anniversary Part Two

A parade on Wayne Avenue, an Open House at the current Blair location and a block party in downtown Silver Spring conclude the celebrations.

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Blair alumni drive cars from every decade of Blair's existence in the Wayne Avenue parade, which ends at the old Blair building.

Blair alumni drive cars from every decade of Blair's existence in the Wayne Avenue parade, which ends at the old Blair building.1Picture by Wylie ConlonThe marching band leads the way during the parade.2Picture by Wylie ConlonSome classes stood out with their cars' decorations, such as the class of 1967.3Picture by Wylie ConlonA small but dedicated crowd watches the parade despite the weather.4Picture by Wylie ConlonThe cheerleading team keeps the spirit high throughout the parade.5Picture by Wylie ConlonThe "Champions" from the class of 1979 recall memories of Queen's "We Are the Champions," which reached popularity during their time at Blair.6Picture by Wylie ConlonThough Blair High School has moved, its crest remains in its original location, now Silver Spring International Middle School.7Picture by Wylie ConlonAn impromptu reunion takes place in the gym between the classes of 1960 and 1962.8Picture by Wylie ConlonThe original Blair auditorium has sat unused for more than ten years.9Picture by Wylie ConlonMemories come back as alumni walk the hallways that they once frequented.10Picture by Wylie ConlonThe Open House at Blair allows alumni to see what has been going on at Blair since they graduated.11Picture by Alex JosephAlumni gather round to purchase Blair apparel and sportswear.12Picture by Alex JosephThe yearbook staff sells vintage yearbooks from all 75 years of Blair history.13Picture by Alex JosephThe cheerleaders do a demonstration so Blair alumni can revive their school spirit.14Picture by Alex JosephDave Ottalini brings back memories of the old Blair as he raises awareness for the Old Blair Auditorium Project. The project is trying to restore the auditorium at what is now Silver Spring International Middle School.15Picture by Alex JosephA party takes place in the hall after the ceremony.16Picture by Colin WiencekBlair's block party was scheduled to take place in downtown Silver Spring, but was cancelled due to rain.17Picture by Lorena KowalewskiDespite the cancellation, restaurants were still eager to serve Blair alumni.18Picture by Lorena KowalewskiMichael Najarian sports the button he received earlier at the football game.19Picture by Lorena KowalewskiSome alumni brought memorabilia from their high school days.20Picture by Lorena KowalewskiCharlie Krupsaw wore his old wrestling jacket to show off his school spirit.21Picture by Lorena Kowalewski
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