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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 10:17 pm


The Blair community celebrates Halloween.

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Sophomore James Audet dresses to scare trick-or-treaters.

Sophomore James Audet dresses to scare trick-or-treaters.1Picture by Wylie ConlonA sign outside the SAC advertises BNC's halloween candy gram sales.2Picture by Wylie ConlonSenior Rebecca Novello dresses as Max from the children's story and film "Where the Wild Things Are."3Picture by Wylie ConlonSenior Theresa Bort wears spiderweb earrings to show her halloween spirit.4Picture by Wylie ConlonSeniors Nate Hukill, Ben Hukill and Otis Banwell dress as the Travelocity gnome.5Picture by Wylie ConlonSenior Andrew Hyder dresses up as Elwood Blues, one of the Blues brothers.6Picture by Wylie ConlonA disco ball spins and strobe lights flash in front of this house.7Picture by Wylie ConlonA moving and talking head startles trick-or-treaters.8Picture by Wylie Conlon"Boo!" reads this comical jack-o-lantern.9Picture by Wylie ConlonThe bright lights on this house invite trick-or-treaters.10Picture by Wylie ConlonThis house is familiar to many locals for its over-the-top inflatable decorations.11Picture by Wylie ConlonA hearse sits outside a house, a fitting decoration for funeral home owners.12Picture by Wylie ConlonA suit of armor watches over a house.13Picture by Wylie Conlon
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