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Monday, August 20, 2018 4:20 pm

Blair From High and Low

See what Blair is like from different perspectives.

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If babies went to Blair, they would see this as they crawled from class to class.

If babies went to Blair, they would see this as they crawled from class to class.1Picture by Colin WiencekIf a bird flew through Blair, it would see this.2Picture by Colin WiencekWhen chipmunks invade Blair, they will need to march up this staircase.3Picture by Colin WiencekThe courtyard outside of the SAC shows visible signs of constant use.4Picture by Colin WiencekAfter a heavy rain, the earthworms that come out hiding would see this outside the main lobby.5Picture by Colin WiencekThe recent construction has left the practice field in poor condition.6Picture by Colin WiencekIf positioned correctly, one can view the two steeples of Four Corners next to each other.7Picture by Colin WiencekTake a peek into third floor classrooms from the above.8Picture by Colin WiencekA fly gliding through the hallways would see this when flying up a staircase.9Picture by Colin WiencekIf a shrew ran down Blair Boulevard and stopped to take a look at the sky, it would see this.10Picture by Colin WiencekIf a rabbit escaped from a biology experiment and hopped into the SAC, it would see this.11Picture by Colin WiencekBlair offers a unique perspective of the church.12Picture by Colin WiencekBlair's gem, the astroturf, waits to be used during a cloudy fall day.13Picture by Colin WiencekBlair's parking lot is constantly crowded, even on weekends.14Picture by Colin WiencekIf raccoons snuck into Blair and went looking for a meal, they would see this.15Picture by Colin WiencekIf a lynx escaped from the zoo and hid outside of Blair, it would see this.16Picture by Colin Wiencek
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