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Friday, July 20, 2018 4:01 pm

Airports at Thanksgiving

Over the holidays, airports attract many travelers.

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Many military personnel return home just in time for Thanksgiving.

Many military personnel return home just in time for Thanksgiving. 1Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe parking lot at Baltimore Washington's International Airport is extremely full during Thanksgiving weekend.2Picture by Lorena KowalewskiEmpty seats are rare to find during the hectic travel times.3Picture by Lorena KowalewskiGlass decorations hang in the Phoenix airport.4Picture by Lorena KowalewskiMany souvenir shops sell insect lollipops throughout the terminal.5Picture by Lorena KowalewskiCar fenders are a fun twist in place of gates at this restaurant.6Picture by Lorena KowalewskiCanine and human airport security take a break to grab a quick bite to eat.7Picture by Lorena KowalewskiWeary passengers pick up their bags after a redeye flight.8Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe screen showing arrivals and departures continues to update even with nobody watching.9Picture by Lorena KowalewskiA lone traveler finds his way out of the complex.10Picture by Lorena KowalewskiPlanes fly throughout the night no matter how late it is.11Picture by Lorena Kowalewski
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