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Friday, August 17, 2018 1:33 pm

Holiday Lights

During the holiday season, lights bring joy to many people.

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The Capitol's Christmas tree was donated by the state of Arizona.

The Capitol's Christmas tree was donated by the state of Arizona.1Picture by Colin WiencekThe People's Tree is reflected in the pool in front of the Capitol building.2Picture by Colin WiencekA yule log burns next to the National Christmas tree in Washington, D.C.3Picture by Colin WiencekA Christmas tree stands erect in front of the Washington monument.4Picture by Colin WiencekLooming luminous trees welcome guests to Brookside Gardens' Garden of Lights.5Picture by Alex JosephLight-up roses add a fantastical element to the garden.6Picture by Alex JosephA giant praying mantis greets visitors.7Picture by Alex JosephA glowing sea monster and its baby emerge from the water.8Picture by Alex JosephA house in Washington, D.C. displays its hope for the world.9Picture by Colin WiencekSaint Bernadette's Catholic Church sells Christmas trees with profits going to the Youth Catholic Association.10Picture by Colin WiencekThe Mormon Temple in Kensington features an elaborate light display.11Picture by Alex JosephThe church's illuminated grounds are a popular destination for natives and tourists alike.12Picture by Alex JosephChristmas trees dot the premises, both inside and out.13Picture by Alex JosephA small pond reflects the multicolored lights.14Picture by Alex JosephA winter plant is silhouetted against bright Christmas lights at the Mormon Temple in Silver Spring.15Picture by Colin Wiencek
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