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Saturday, July 21, 2018 4:10 am

Takoma Park Farmer's Market

Every week local farmers gather to sell their produce.

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The farmer's market in Takoma Park on Carroll Ave. happens every Sunday from 10:00 to 2:00.

The farmer's market in Takoma Park on Carroll Ave. happens every Sunday from 10:00 to 2:00.1Picture by Lauren PoorFarmers from around the area come and set up tents where they sell fresh food to anyone who stops by. 2Picture by Lauren PoorPeople come and set up shop to sell all kinds of things. Here two men display a variety of jams and honey.3Picture by Lauren PoorA farm from Pennsylvania has trucked in a range of fresh apples including the tart Granny Smith.4Picture by Lauren PoorAnother tent sold squash and cabbages. Each table specializes in a specific product or range of products to sell and is there from week to week.5Picture by Lauren PoorA shopper cashes in at the apple booth. They sell apple cider and apples.6Picture by Lauren PoorStudents from Blair often find work at the farmer's market. Senior Rebecca Novello works at a bread table.7Picture by Lauren PoorPeople from around the area and possibly further wake up early to shop for food. Some people take their kids and come weekly to scan the market for things to buy. The market is right down the street from the Takoma metro station so it is very accessible. 8Picture by Lauren PoorProducts at the marker are often organic or free range. People come and support local, organic businesses. 9Picture by Lauren PoorAudia farms in Maryland come and sell herbs for tea and cooking.10Picture by Lauren PoorD.C. vegan sponsored a booth to raise money for Haiti and spread information about their organization.11Picture by Lauren PoorOne tent is dedicated completely to mushrooms. They sell a wide variety of mushrooms and homemade mushroom soup that they keep warm for anyone to buy.12Picture by Lauren PoorFerry Landing Farm & Apiary from Maryland sells wax candles made from beeswax.13Picture by Lauren PoorChildren tended to another booth raising money for Haiti with baked goods and t-shirts.14Picture by Lauren Poor

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