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Friday, August 17, 2018 7:08 am

Changing Seasons: Spring Edition

Once again, the seasons shift, this time resulting in warm weather and beauty abound.

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The first signs of spring, flower buds on trees, begin to emerge in the middle of March.

The first signs of spring, flower buds on trees, begin to emerge in the middle of March.1Picture by Wylie ConlonBright forsythia bushes bring color to local neighborhoods.2Picture by Wylie ConlonCrocuses are another early-blooming flower.3Picture by Wylie ConlonThe recent warm weather has accelarated the greening process.4Picture by Colin WiencekPollen has been flooding the air, though it does add a beatiful contrast with the purple of this flower.5Picture by Colin WiencekFlowers, which have recently bloomed, remain just as beautiful at night.6Picture by Colin WiencekHumans aren't the only ones who enjoy spring's warm weather.7Picture by Colin WiencekThere is one downside to the recent warm weather: allergies have started to clog the noses and throats of many Blazers.8Picture by Colin WiencekBirds have come out after a long winter, celebrating the spring with their chirps.9Picture by Wylie ConlonCherry blossoms hang majestically over Kennedy Drive in Bethesda.10Picture by Wylie ConlonPeople gather in a traffic circle on a particularly warm day to play sports, read, or visit with neighbors.11Picture by Wylie ConlonPeople from all over cool their feet in the fountain at the World War II memorial in D.C.12Picture by Wylie ConlonOrchids are in bloom at the United States Botanical Gardens exhibit, "Orchids! A Cultural Odyssey."13Picture by Wylie ConlonCherry blossoms in D.C. are a major attraction.14Picture by Wylie ConlonPear blossoms frame the steeple at Blair.15Picture by Wylie ConlonUnfortunately, the season is short-lived. Petals are already beginning to fall, and soon leaves everywhere will turn green again.16Picture by Wylie Conlon

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