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Friday, July 20, 2018 12:04 pm

Cherry Blossom Festival

As Spring starts to appear, Washington, D.C. hosts its annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

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This year's National Cherry Blossom Festival took place from March 27 to April 11.

This year's National Cherry Blossom Festival took place from March 27 to April 11.1Picture by Lorena KowalewskiLetters From Home, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping in touch with and supporting military troops overseas, set up a booth at the festival that allowed people to send postcards of the blossoms to the men and women fighting in the war.2Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe National Park Service reminds people to not damage the trees and leave the blossoms on the branch.3Picture by Lorena KowalewskiBlossoms can quickly wilt and lose their petals.4Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Japan to the United States.5Picture by Lorena KowalewskiCherry trees create a pink and white canopy above the heads of the eager visitors.6Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe cherry trees are mainly located around the Tidal Basin area.7Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThere is also a grassy area next to the Tidal Basin where people can lounge and enjoy the trees.8Picture by Lorena KowalewskiPeople can rent paddle boats to get a full view of the blossoms.9Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe Smithsonian Metro station is extremely crowded with people trying to find their way towards the cherry blossoms.10Picture by Lorena Kowalewski

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