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Saturday, July 21, 2018 7:22 pm

Silver Quill Release Party

On Thursday after school, Blazers gathered in the SAC to celebrate the launch of the 2010 edition of Silver Quill, the theme of which is Ink Track. This party included musical performances and poetry.

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Junior Adam Varella sings a lovely melody while Junior Nathan Ipanag riffs on the acoustic guitar.

Junior Adam Varella sings a lovely melody while Junior Nathan Ipanag riffs on the acoustic guitar.1Picture by Colin WiencekJunior Sam Elkind walks off stage after reciting a poem that he had written for the 2010 edition of Silver Quill, Blair's literary arts magazine. The theme of this years magazine is "Ink Track."2Picture by Colin WiencekJunior Rian Henry prepares to play a sexually awkward, but nevertheless hilarious, song that he wrote himself. He was one of many musical performances who gathered after school on Thursday to celebrate the release of the new Silver Quill.3Picture by Colin WiencekFreshman Hannah Weintraub read a politically charged poem that had the central theme of "let's just all get along." 4Picture by Colin WiencekJunior Louise Gretchel reads a poem she wrote that she got published in the magazine. Any Blazer can submit art (literary or visual) to the magazine, which is published once a year. The magazine is already accepting submissions, both online and in submissions boxes in the media center.5Picture by Colin WiencekSilver Quill provided food for the audience as a way to draw people to the party, and as a way to build awareness about the magazine.6Picture by Colin WiencekTwo seniors perform a piece of French operetta. This performance stood out in its music choice, however it was nonetheless a quality performance. 7Picture by Colin WiencekMany eager freshman were in attendance and watched the different acts intently. Their energy significantly added to the mood of the crowd.8Picture by Colin WiencekThe level of static given off by the speakers added a level of minor technical difficulty to the show. These JBL speakers have been being used by Blair for nearly 10 years and are fast giving out. The school, however, does not plan to replace them.9Picture by Wylie Conlon

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