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Monday, July 16, 2018 7:39 pm

InToneNation End of the Year Concert

A sizable audience gathered in the chorus room to watch InToneNation's, Blair's award winning a cappella group, end of the year concert, which showcased all 18 songs that the group has arranged.

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Junior Emma Kaufman does a little jig while soloing on the classic track "Stand By Me."

Junior Emma Kaufman does a little jig while soloing on the classic track "Stand By Me."1Picture by Colin WiencekA large audience came out to watch InToneNation's end of year concert on Friday at 7:30 PM.2Picture by Colin WiencekSenior Tina Muņoz Pandya takes the stand during the performance of Material Girl, originally performed by Madonna.3Picture by Colin WiencekSenior Jeremy Potterfield tries to woo Junior Zoe Kurtz during a beautiful rendition of Sweet Escape, originally performed by Gwen Stefani.4Picture by Colin WiencekMany grandparents were in attendance to see the results of a years hard practice by InToneNation, Blair's award winning a cappella group.5Picture by Colin WiencekJunior Zoe Kurtz stands in front for a solo of Taylor Swift's "Love Story."6Picture by Colin WiencekAlong with the CD, which has long been available for $15, DVDs of this concert will be sold, also for $15.7Picture by Colin WiencekJunior Peter Leonard, who is a sound engineering and recording enthusiast, recorded the show for the group. The recordings will be used for the DVD of the show.8Picture by Colin WiencekA microphone stood sentinel during the intermission. It was used to record the show.9Picture by Colin WiencekSenior Kiah Mahy claps along to InToneNation's final song, Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours."10Picture by Colin Wiencek

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