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Saturday, March 24, 2018 11:46 pm

Fiesta Asia

The 2010 National Asian Heritage Festival took place in Washington, D.C. Saturday, May 23.

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Dragon heads sit on the sidewalk during the fifth annual National Asian Heritage Festival.

Dragon heads sit on the sidewalk during the fifth annual National Asian Heritage Festival.1Picture by Lorena KowalewskiVarious bands performed throughout the day for the numerous visitors.2Picture by Lorena KowalewskiOnlookers watch in awe as a woman dances.3Picture by Lorena KowalewskiBrightly colored cloth sold in vendors decorated the street. 4Picture by Lorena KowalewskiTwo young girls dance and play the drums for visitors to watch.5Picture by Lorena KowalewskiLucky bamboo was one of many items for sale. Different arrangements represent certain meanings.6Picture by Lorena KowalewskiPerformers take a break and pose with fans.7Picture by Lorena KowalewskiA man gets his fortune told. Although fortune telling is not an exact science, it was still a fun service offered during the day. 8Picture by Lorena KowalewskiA group of young dancers perform on the East stage with the Capitol as a picturesque background.9Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThis woman had an intricate henna tattoo painted on her hand.10Picture by Lorena KowalewskiThe festival offered fun activities for people of all ages. Rice Play-doh was a station where children could sculpt shapes and figures out of a special type of dough.11Picture by Lorena Kowalewski

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